2010 Central National Jersey Show
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Senior 3-year-olds (26):
1. Pine Haven Ssm Marmie (Select-Scott Minister-ET x Pine Haven Mbe Kitty), Berlesque Jerseys, Edgerton, WI
2. Claessic Fields Vindicat Genie (Vindication), Ben Sauder, Tremont, IL
3. Select Jade Brandygold (Giprat Belles Jade), Select Jerseys, St - Alphonse, QC
4. Select Jade Emy-ET (Giprat Belles Jade), Ebert Enterprises, Algoma, WI
5. Hillacres Morrae Maryland (Silver Spring Belmont), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, Lomira, WI
6. Senn-Sational Action Melody (Forest Glen Avery Action-ET), Entourage Farm/Cybil Fisher/P. Jones, Cable, OH
7. Geisler Gold Lyndy (Julian Gold Of Vwf), Erica Geisler, Delphi, IN
8. Ratliff Ren Kendra-ET (Hollylane Renaissance), Ratliff Jerseys, Garnett, KS
9. Shantals Cgar Shiloh-ET (Bridon Centurion Garnett), Avonlea Genetics Inc. & Cybil Fisher, Brighton, ON
10. Ratliff Amedeo Krissy-ET (Piedmont Grove Amedeo), Ratliff Jerseys, Garnett, KS

"We've got a tremendous cow leading out to begin this class with.  What a beautiful side profile of this cow.  She's got a beautiful run to the front end, tons of strength and width and depth all the way through.  She uses that size and scale to go over the ultra dairy cow in second.  I just love the mammary system of the cow in second.  I love her dairyness and quality and made her best udder in the class.  She uses that mammary system and quality to her rear udder to go over the powerful long bodied ultra stylish cow in third.  The cow in third is just beautiful on the move and she uses her overall style and length in the fore udder to go over the cow in fourth."


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