International Junior Holstein Show
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Spring Calf (19):
1. Roll-N-View Alex Bristol (Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET x Cook-Farm Zenith Brie-ET), Cooper Galton, Nunda, NY
2. Cameron-Ridge Rl Lora-ET (Fradon Redliner-Red-ET), Billy L. Cameron, Mt Vernon, KY
3. Reyncrest Laramie Mary 4021 (Wedgwood Laramie-ET), Andy Reynolds, Corfu, NY
4. Ms Evas Asteroid Explosion (Kingsmill Goldwyn Asteroid-ET), Rocco Cunningham, Penngrove, CA
5. Nugentdale Laurin Dino (Den-K Marshall Ll Laurin), C, K, J & N Nugent/T & K Burkhardt, Lowell, MI
6. Siemers Dundee Ana-Lynn-ET (Regancrest Dundee), C, J, J, J, C, L Siemers, Newton, WI
7. Siemers Laurin Ashlita-ET (Den-K Marshall Ll Laurin), C, J, J, J, C, L Siemers, Newton, WI
8. Siemers Laurin Alle-Ann-ET, (Den-K Marshall Ll Laurin), C, J, J, J, C, L Siemers, Newton, WI
9. Cache-Valley Sanchez 2409-ET (Gen-Mark Smatic Sanchez), Zaidi Harris, Richmond, UT
10. Savage-Leigh Atwood Cady-ET (Maple-Downs-I Gw Atwood-ET), Max & Michael Wolf, Lebanon, CT

"What a beautiful class to start the day today. I'm starting this class with a beautiful black calf - she's long and clean and it's her overall length that puts her over the second place calf. She's longer and cleaner through that head and neck. Our second place calf is a really well made calf. I just love the sweep and depth to her rib and her angularity. She's also a little freer moving on her hind legs than our third calf. Our third place calf goes over the fourth because she's got a little more depth and spring to her fore and rear rib."


International Junior Holstein Spring Heifer

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