Premier National Junior Holstein Show

Sponsored by

Judge: Ron Heffner
Middletown, MD

Use this link to see the Catalog or here to see the live video feed.
Spring Calf (28)
Winter Calf (28)
Fall Calf (22)
Summer Yearling (11)
Spring Yearling (26)
Winter Yearling (19)
Fall Yearling (11)
Junior Champion
Judi Collinsworth Award Winner
Dry Cow 3 Years & Older (7)
Fall Yearling in Milk (4)
Jr. 2-Year-Old (10)
Sr. 2-year-old (15)
Jr. 3-Year-Old (6)
Sr. 3-Year-Old (8)
Intermediate Champion
4-Year-Old (7)
5-Year-Old (5)
Aged Cow (3)
125,000-lb. Cow (3)
Senior Champion
Rip-N-Good Kids 1st Annual Award
Grand Champion
Supreme Champion