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2011 NY State Fair Holstein Show

Aged Cow (6):
1. Raydland Classic Laupier (Comestar Classic), Fontaine, Belfontaine & Purple Fever, Lowville, NY
2. Lilac Lodge Jasper Zelma (Wilcoxview Jasper), Hill-N-Hollow & Maple Downs Farms II, Middleburgh, NY
3. Wales Allen Fame (Canyon-Breeze Allen), Anthony Liddle, Argyle, NY
4. Reality-Ave JRJ Carolynn (Juniper Rotate Jed-ET), C. Smithgall & J. Fitzsimmons, Perry, NY
5. Wales Tuk Chelsea (Braedale Tuk-ET), Alan Lobdell, Burke, NY
6. Belli-Star Royalty Rock (Rose's CL Royalty), Samantha Smithgall, Perry, NY

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