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2011 NY State Fair Holstein Show

Spring Yearling (18):
1. VT-Pond-View Gwyn Libby (Braedale Goldwyn), Doeberiener, Heath & Cote, Wooster, OH
2. Co-Vale Goldwyn Kelsey-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Eaton Holsteins & Patrick Lundy, Syracuse, NY
3. Ms Reyncrest Shaquille Ca, Deslacs Shaquille-ET), Kelly Lee & Cooper Galton, Ithaca, NY
4. WOC-ZBW Atwood Skittles (Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood), Kevin & Barb Ziemba, Aurora, NY
5. MS Starmark Gold Ava-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Fontaine, Purple Fever & S. Mor
6. Intervale Stormatic Gabby (Comestar Stormatic), Matthew Sears, Locke, NY
7. Co-Vista Sanchez Dixie (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Jared Dueppengiesser, Perry, NY
8. Monanfran Dund Slam Dunk (Regancrest Dundee), Jenny Mills & Maurice Kelsey, Canastota, NY
9. Ms Visiongen Snchz Race (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Brad & Cindy Murphy, Parish, NY
10. Joleanna Gold PourinRain (Braedale Goldwyn), Joleanna Holsteins, Unadilla, NY

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